[VIDEO & QUIZ] The ROI Impact of Field Service Software

1/23/2019 / Field Service / Katia Loboda

Watch our short video and take our 5-minute quiz to see what kind of ROI results your organization could achieve by implementing field service management software.

You may be aware that field service management (FSM) software could help you streamline processes to create efficiency but do you know what kind of impact it could have on your bottom line? With a proper FSM software, your company could be taking advantage of significant cost saving opportunities. Take our 5-minute quiz to see what kind of ROI results your organization could achieve by implementing field service management software.

Here are 4 categories of ROI benefits from implementing a field service management solution:

Productivity Gains

In order for your organization to function efficiently and effectively, customer data must be accessible to every channel of the organization at any given time. With a field service software system, all of your data is stored in one secure location.

Having access to the right customer information, your call center could handle a higher volume of calls and prioritize work orders. Look for an FSM platform that offers call center management software. Field technicians are able to track inventory and customer updates and in turn, execute work orders in a more responsive and accurate manner. By eliminating error and reducing overtime, your organization could utilize its workforce to its fullest potential.

On average, companies using Astea’s field service software see a 19% improvement in first-time fix rate.

Cost Savings Opportunity

Field service management allows your organization to reduce your overall inventory investment by sending the right technician with the right equipment to each job. By decreasing turnaround time on a work order, the field technician reduces your organization’s monthly fuel and overtime costs. Having an FSM platform that includes inventory management helps ensure that your technicians always have the right parts for the job.

With effective utilization of its resources, an organization could expect to see a 7% decrease in overtime hours and 10% reduction in fuel costs.

Revenue Improvement

Sometimes, it’s more difficult to attract new customers than it is to keep your current ones happy. If you don’t have a proper CRM tool in place, keeping them happy could be a huge challenge. With field service software, understanding and managing your client base is easier than ever. When technicians can readily access customer information, they are better able to understand and fulfill customer’s needs, increasing customer satisfaction and retention. In addition to retaining customers, you need to be focused on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. See how our field service platform makes it easy for technicians to identify new opportunities, helping you drive profitable business growth.

Customer retention rate could increase by up to 15%.


Reduction in Billing Cycle

With the right field service management software, a technician is able to finalize the work order and invoice the customer onsite. This ability to bill on a same-day basis, drastically reduces your overall billing cycle and creates a more consistent cash flow for your organization.

A field service user in the medical industry saw a 30% reduction in the billing cycle.

See What Your ROI Could Look Like

If you would like to see additional estimated savings that an FSM solution could bring to your organization, take our 5-minute ROI quiz and receive a personalized report.

Your personalized ROI report will cover the real impacts a field service management solution will have on your:

  • Total Annual Service Revenue
  • Annual Service Costs
  • Customer Retention Rate
  • Average Billing Cycle

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