[INFOGRAPHIC] Keep your millennial employees and attract the next generation

1/25/2019 / Field Service / Katia Loboda

Download our infographic to find out how you could win the global talent war for millennial talent by understanding who they are and what they want from an employer.

The lack of skilled workers continues to plague service companies, who are scrambling to fill the shoes of retiring baby boomers. In a recent poll of 42,000 employers, 40% reported having difficulties filling these roles. The main question for many service organizations is, ‘How do we do a better job of attracting the next generations of service workers, the Millennials and Gen-Z?’ We interviewed nearly 50 Millennial technicians and used leading industry research to create an infographic that tells you what you need to know when it comes to tackling the modern day technician resource gap.

As service companies face the pressure to find and quickly onboard new and reliable talent in order to keep up with customer demands, they must change their strategies to attract one of the largest shares of the American workforce: the Millennials. But appealing to the next generation’s needs and demands is proving to be a big challenge for many field service employers.

Only 15% of companies have redeveloped strategies for Millennials

Differing attitudes and priorities between the baby boomer and Millennial groups pose a potential threat of conflict but also present an opportunity to take advantage of the dynamic skills and experience of the the Millennial workforce.

Below are several factors that motivate Millennials and impact their perception of a potential employer.

Latest Technology

As digital natives, Millennials demand to have instant access to information to learn about and adapt to new environments. They are rarely without a mobile or tablet device and thus have high expectations when it comes to workspace technologies.

Millennials believe that technology is the cornerstone of advancement in communication, efficiency and productivity and tend to seek out employers online who not only understand but keep up with modern technology.

67% of Millennials said that field service is not their first career choice

Knowing that a lot more time needs to be allocated to educating the next generation of workforce, you must consider how to effectively offer recruit, train and develop through channels that Millenials prefer and demand.

We recently promoted a report on augmented reality (AR) to show how best-in-class service companies use AR to tackle modern day technology and turnover issues and get new technicians on-boarded and trained faster.

Advancement Opportunities

Offering complete transparency regarding learning opportunities and possibilities for advancement is crucial to attracting and retaining the Millennial group. It’s important for

29% of Millenials will only work for a company that has clearly defined growth opportunities

When it comes to careers, steady work with compensation and good benefits, along with an opportunity to learn and grow, is a common thread that links all generations. Ultimately, they want a company that is willing to invest in their career development.

Download the infographic now to learn:

  • Supply and demand outlook of Millennial workers
  • Best practices in training and content delivery for Millennials
  • Driving factors in Millennials’ decision making
  • How to develop Millennials into future field service leaders

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For additional information, check out our webinar on effectively fixing your technician resource gap.


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