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Service Management Deployment Options That Work for You

Astea offers both on-premises and cloud delivery models, allowing every company to choose the right one that aligns with their strategy and IT ecosystem. We provide both, so you can choose one vendor with both equally powerful options for your deployment.

Cloud-Based Delivery

Leverage the cloud to reduce your risk and time to deployment, without sacrificing performance or functionality. Companies have full control over their data in a secure, reliable and highly-scalable environment. Astea eliminates the need for an on-premises infrastructure, thereby helping businesses minimize the need for IT resources that are typically required for hardware and software installation and configuration, software upgrades, as well as ongoing maintenance.

Key Benefits:
  • No Upfront IT Infrastructure Cost
  • No Need for Dedicated IT Resources
  • Shift from Capital to Operational Expense
  • Faster Implementations
  • Lower Deployment Costs
  • Faster ROI
  • Minimize Risk
  • Free & Continuous Software Updates
On Premises Delivery

Gain an enterprise-class solution to integrate and optimize your critical field service business processes, implemented with Astea’s proven methodologies to ensure the best possible installation without sacrificing quality, budget or schedule.

Key Benefits:
  • Data is stored inside your organization
  • Increased control of systems
  • No monthly subscription fees – higher initial up-front investment
  • Hardware can be shared between other internal systems
  • You own the software

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