Astea’s COO Explains: How to Use the CX to Boost Profits

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With reporting tools on Astea’s FieldCentrix service management software, you’ll receive advanced, next-level summaries and details on every aspect of your company’s field service lifecycle. Reports are pre-built and self-managing, yet highly flexible and configurable, so you can use them for detailed insight and analysis on your contracts, customers, employees, work orders, job sites and your entire business operation.

Once implemented, FieldCentrix immediately begins to collect data on your service operation, and you’ll have the ability to sort and filter through various reports and fields to best meet your company or department’s needs. One user may choose to filter by Contract Expiration Date, while another user at the management level may choose to filter by Contract Salesperson Name.

Some of the most common reports used in the FieldCentrix Service Center by our world-class customers include the following:

Contract Reports & Customer Reports for Logistics Management

  • Contract Expiration Report
  • Contract Profile Report (Detail, Equipment and Site versions)
  • Hours Used vs. Allotted Report
  • Preventative Maintenance Hours Analysis Report
  • Preventative Maintenance Materials Required Report
  • Preventative Maintenance Performance Analysis Report
  • Preventative Maintenance Tasking Report
  • Profitability Report
  • Customer Mailing List Report
  • Profitability Report

Employee Reports for Workforce Planning and Increased Profitability

  • Employee Fully Burdened Cost Report
  • Hours Paid vs. Billed Report
  • Job Type by Tech Report
  • Licensed Employees
  • Recommended Repairs Report
  • Response Time Statistics Report
  • Suggested Repairs by Technician Summary Report
  • Time Variance Report
  • Workload Report

Site Reports for Optimizing Equipment, Workforce and Parts

  • Equipment Profile – WO History Report
  • FX e-Service User Feedback Report
  • Labor Rate Table List Report
  • Material Markup Table List Report
  • Profitability Report
  • Site Mailing List Report

Work Order Reports for Improved Work Order Management

  • Hours Used vs. Allotted Reportue
  • Lost Revenue
  • Materials Usage Report
  • Work Order Count Report
  • Work Order Detail Report
  • Work Order Status by Tech Report
  • Work Order Report

To request a demo, or for more information on reporting and other functionality in Astea’s FieldCentrix service management software, contact one of our field service experts now.