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When competition is fierce, companies have to focus even more intently on providing world-class field service. Months or years worth of great support can be compromised by one unfortunate experience. While one poor service experience is not always a critical event for a particular customer, it can open the door to a competitor trying to unseat you.

Avoiding potential service level problems requires careful, proactive monitoring of the full-service lifecycle in order to meet or exceed customer requirements. With FieldCentrix service management software from Astea, your company can streamline the field service lifecycle, optimize resources and eliminate the costs and inefficiencies of a paper-based operation.

Improve Field Service Operations with FX Service Center

FX Service Center is a web-based service management and dispatch solution that gives you command over your company’s field service operation in order to more effectively manage: 

  • Call taking
  • Entitlement verification
  • Field technician scheduling
  • Field technician dispatch
  • Customer service
  • Work orders
  • Timesheets
  • Service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Inventory and equipment tracking
  • Pre-invoicing
  • Reporting

The platform is intuitive, giving organizations graphical picture views of the scheduling board, work order lists, field service worker and site locations, and more. Real-time drag-and-drop scheduling of new work orders takes just a few mouse clicks, and pre-scheduling preventive maintenance is simple as well.

FieldCentrix Field Service Software Capabilities

Implementing the FieldCentrix FX Service Center can optimize and streamline many processes throughout your field service lifecycle, including:

Service Parts & Materials

Build your company’s own service parts catalog, so you can accurately track all parts and materials. Capture serial number, model number, description, warranty information, job site location and ownership of parts and equipment, as well as date installed and field technician skill-level required for future servicing. List specific required skills, and add any other custom fields to ensure proper data capture on each and every part.

In addition to creating a more professional, paperless service order system, your company can increase asset life, improve asset management, dramatically increase efficiency and empower your team to focus on providing excellent service.

Team Mapper

For real-time location tracking of field technicians and/or service vehicles, choose to add Team Mapper to your FieldCentrix solution. Your dispatcher and office personnel will always know where your mobile technicians and resources are located — in real-time. Are they where they should be? Are they lost? Are they safe? Team Mapper gives you better control and management of your field operations and allows you to make decisions that will increase profitability, reduce service costs, enhance customer responsiveness and satisfaction, and improve productivity and efficiency through:

  • Accurate GPS location tracking of mobile field technicians and assets
  • Visual, graphical representation of technician and/or service vehicle location
  • Detailed map with work order status and job site information
  • Exception reports to review out-of-norm conditions
  • Reduced cost of fleet ownership through decreased fuel costs, safety, and lower insurance premiums

Resource Utilization

Resource Utilization in FieldCentrix is a powerful strategic workforce modeling tool, which your business can use to accurately forecast, plan, track, and analyze labor resources and assets in real-time. It provides an automated way to size, manage, and report on resource capacity and utilization across the enterprise to provide suggestions to deploy resources, cost-effectively balance workloads and service engineers, and still make sure all service level commitments are met and contracts remain profitable. This field service software tool is designed to increase the productivity and efficiency of your workforce and service operations through load balancing and optimized resource planning.

To learn more about the many functions and capabilities of FieldCentrix service management software, which can help professionalize and grow your business, click here or contact us to request a demo.