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With expansive service offerings and a diverse set of workers, workforce planning can seem more complicated than ever. However, when done effectively, it has the potential to revolutionize the way you do business. With Workforce Planning on Astea Alliance Enterprise you can:

  • Simulate resource requirements for jobs in your pipeline
  • Highlight potential resource deficiencies
  • Make informed decisions about the need for contingent resources or third-party field technicians
  • Effectively anticipate and manage operating expenses

Stand Out Amongst the Competition

The top companies around the world are already diversifying their workforce with a mix of W-2 employees, third-party field technicians, and contingent workers. They’re leveraging the efforts of each team member and expanding to offer predictive maintenance, remote maintenance, and knowledge management, by utilizing technology that is capable of managing such complexities. To stand out amongst competitors, you too can deploy Alliance Workforce Planning, which can help:

  • Increase your geographic service offerings
  • Expand the types of services available
  • Control labor costs
  • Customize service based on specific customer demands
  • And more

The Next Evolution in Workforce Planning

Our fully-integrated workforce planning software is designed to address issues you may not yet know are there. As planning future workloads becomes more precarious and painstaking, Alliance Workforce Planning offers easy, pain-free handling to match the way you manage your business and so much more.

Astea’s multi-faceted and fully integrated Alliance Enterprise platform ensures precise forecasting of workforce requirements based on planned and unplanned orders. This allows your business to efficiently leverage real-time, accurate data to create plans for different resource groups, planning periods, and specific days dedicated exclusively to planned or unplanned work.

Insights into preventative maintenance (PM) schedules, field change orders, project demands, committed sales orders, and unplanned work enables smarter workforce planning and strategic decision making. For example, real-time workforce planning data eliminates extraneous labor costs by informing users whether there is an overage or shortage of manpower.

There are even more savings and success to be gained as a result of implementing Alliance Workforce Planning as demonstrated in our features and benefits below.


  • Accurate forecasting of workforce requirements based on planned and unplanned orders
  • Multi-user access to workforce plans tailored to different groups of resources and/or different planning periods
  • Flexible plan creation comprised of days dedicated to only unplanned work or planned work
  • Helpful display options to show daily available hours for labor
  • In-depth comparisons of planned and unplanned daily activities, including selected sources, such as PM schedules, field change orders, project demands, committed sales orders and unplanned work


  • Vital insights into how personnel can be temporarily allocated to another branch or action group where workload is required
  • Convenient ability to compare actual time spent against the frozen plan to track performance
  • Helps ensure your business is meeting SLA commitments
  • Feature-rich, broad, and deep technology that ensures best workforce planning procedures
  • Lasting investment to enable your business to remain competitive by seamlessly adjusting to new complexities in workforce planning

In a climate in which you strive to stand out amongst competitors, you simply don’t have time to spare manpower to conduct mathematic calculations, prepare analytical data, and interpret workforce metrics. Now you don’t have to. Alliance Workforce Planning will do the work for you, so you can concentrate on growing and building your business. Alliance Workforce Planning makes it easier than ever before to boost service offerings, cut labor costs, and stay ahead of workforce complexities you’ve yet to encounter.

If you’re ready to take the next step toward revolutionizing the way your business handles workforce planning, start by clicking here. One of our Astea experts is ready to help.

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