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The Service Parts & Logistics capabilities on Astea Alliance Enterprise apply industry best practices to ensure stock levels and movement of inventory keeps pace with service and service-related sales activities. Customer satisfaction and staff productivity improve through a higher percentage of first-time fixes and faster fulfillment of add-on sales.

The Service Parts & Logistics solution is divided into three functional portals. These are Supply Chain, Inventory Management and Reverse Supply Chain, reflecting the diversity of needs in this area. The inventory management solution supports all warehousing strategies and spare parts management; centralized, regional, repair depot stock, customer-site inventories, and field technicians’ personal and mobile inventories.

Ensure Stock Levels and Inventory Movement Keep Pace with Service and Sales

Seamlessly integrated with sales and service applications, Astea’s inventory management software enables equipment service organizations to control inventory costs, manage assets and implement proactive service management strategies. Astea’s Alliance Enterprise field service management and mobility platform features functionality such as purchasing, material movement and retirement, which aides in the elimination of inventory overstocking or under stocking, ensuring successful service delivery and customer satisfaction while lowering field service costs, as well as spare parts management & usage and goods to be sold. Automated calculation of stock profiles based on usage eliminates overstocking and dramatically reduces costs associated with storing, depreciating, and insuring inventory. Inventory management software spare parts management also supports the processing of customer returns, vendor returns and vendor warranty claims processing.

The application supports spare parts management and tools management for effective field service delivery and Service Level Agreements (SLA) compliance. We believe that improved cost management improves cash flow by streamlining and shortening the cycles from inventory to usage to billing. In addition, lower logistics costs open opportunities to recognize higher margins on products and services. Simply put, time saved through the use of inventory management software can now be spent on other areas of need. Key areas to apply this solution include asset management, field service parts management, demand fulfillment, and sales fulfillment.

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