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Alliance Depot Repair Management

If you’ve been looking for a repair management solution to help aid your company’s profitability, reduce inventory carrying costs, and more, Astea has the answer. Alliance Enterprise Depot Repair, a repair tracking software, helps provide up-to-the-minute repair status to customers in addition to:

  • Providing real-time visibility of the repair cycle
  • Empowering management to base decisions on qualified repair center information
  • Improving accuracy of cost accounting
  • Increasing potential for product quality based on repeat repair information

Depot Repair from Alliance Enterprise efficiently refines repair management processes by improving productivity and cost containment while also automating tracking of goods through the entire repair process.

Whatever the source of the query, the Alliance Enterprise field service system provides real-time data on location, status, warranty, and ownership, enabling better decision-making and prioritization, and limits the risk of overstocking or shorting parts. Further, repair tracking software reduces unnecessarily expediting processes when standard flows are acceptable.

Repair Management at Its Most Efficient

Alliance Depot Repair management capabilities allow Return Material Authorizations (RMAs) to be issued from either the repair facility or a service order generated by the contact center or field service agent. This becomes essential to universal visibility from the inception of the repair order, all the way through to final disposition.

Alliance Depot Repair’s contract management facility supports seamless contract updates to reflect exchanged materials, repair histories, and warranty implications.

  • Support of in-house, vendor, and subcontractor repairs and exchanges
  • RMAs issued for universal merchandise visibility through final disposition
  • Status monitored through repair station flow for real-time visibility within support applications
  • Real-time warranty tracking, tracing merchandise returned to service and/or exchanged
  • Graphic repair data analysis and history logs
  • Creates and processes repair orders (whether internal or third-party) in a seamless process for better database capture and workload balancing
  • Tracks equipment through the repair chain, enabling enhanced spare parts inventory management and customer service (e.g. estimated time to completion)
  • Captures billable time and materials automatically to speed service-to-cash cycles
  • Full-loop repair history tracking facilitates enhanced compliance with contracts and industry standards
  • Supports problem/repair statistical analysis to help identify engineering and sourcing issues
  • Integration with the rest of the Astea Alliance suite allows repair orders and report status queries to be initiated from customer contact centers, field service, field sales, and warehouses as well as the repair depot

To learn more about the repair management solutions incorporated in the Astea Alliance field service management and mobility platform, we encourage you to contact us today. We look forward to learning more about your repair management needs.