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Astea’s COO Explains: How to Use the CX to Boost Profits

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Key Success Factors for Achieving Operational Performance

Does the following scenario sound familiar?

You are faced with vast amounts of data but not enough information. Management is expecting answers immediately, yet information is scattered throughout the company, the volume of data available is overwhelming, and none of your reports seem to tie together – who has time for analysis? All you want to do is apply the intelligence of the organization to the problems at hand today but also proactively plan and drive the business for tomorrow. Your customers are becoming more empowered which means you need to be agile and proactive to thrive in this fast-paced business environment.

When you give your team members and customers the right information, you empower them to apply the intelligence to the problems at hand, while also proactively planning and driving the business for tomorrow. Regardless of industry, competitive maturity, or depth of technology experience, every service organization can take specific actions to keep closer tabs on their service operations and maximize contributions to overall company performance. By delivering business-critical data at the right time and in the right format with BI tools on the Alliance Enterprise field service management and mobility platform, users gain the insight needed to make more informed decisions, and your organization will be able to:

  • Gain insights into determining benchmarks and creating your services dashboard
  • Link practices to results
  • Understand the key attributes of a good dashboard
  • Improve customer satisfaction and experience
  • Establish metrics that matter
  • Improve customer service and retention

The results? Increased competitiveness and profitability, greater stakeholder value, improved customer satisfaction, and reduced business risk for your field service operation and your entire company.

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