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At Astea we are committed to empowering our customers with the most innovative field service scheduling solutions. In a climate that demands excellence, timeliness, and overall efficiency, Alliance Enterprise is designed with flexible, automated dispatch & scheduling software to drive, manage, and monitor technicians.

Astea’s service dispatch software is comprised of a dispatch scheduling engine (DSE) initially developed to handle mission-critical environments (such as emergency response.) This response time that once determined life or death is now a part of Alliance DSE’s core product. Through demand forecasting, workforce profiling, and operational optimization, effective scheduling is easier than ever to maintain. And, Alliance Automated Dispatch & Scheduling ensures that your third-party and contingent service agents can be managed to utilize the same platform, with equal precision. Take the next step toward maximizing your scheduling resources and prepare for increased efficiency, accuracy, and profitability.

Reliable, Real-Time Automated Dispatch & Scheduling

Automated Dispatch & Scheduling from Alliance Enterprise removes the mystery of technicians’ actual performance versus planned scheduling. This smarter automated capability to recalculate scheduling changes as needed in real-time—instantaneously—minimizes labor costs, travel time, technical skills, and penalties. In tandem with reducing overall costs, efficiency in scheduling maximizes conformance to commitments and SLAs.

Ultimately, Automated Dispatch & Scheduling significantly eliminates inefficiencies in time usage. With Planned Travel Time and Distance Tracking, managers can easily access how long it takes technicians to complete their service calls and also enables Just-in-Service(™) by scheduling technicians and necessary parts to arrive at the customer site simultaneously. If the dispatch & scheduling software identifies slack time, you can swiftly execute adjustments to focus on preventative maintenance, courtesy calls, or up-sell and cross-sell.


  • Dynamic scheduling ability to create more complex work, sales calls, up-sell, and cross-sell opportunities
  • Rapid optimization of preferred routes for technicians
  • An Effective, streamlined billing process
  • Transparent, real-time visibility of mobile workforce and their capacity
  • A thorough examination of parts, skills, SLA’s, preventive maintenance, break/fix, and job location status
  • Diverse Insights into the allocation of spare scheduling toward strategic work


  • Calculated approach to job completion—on time, the first time, with the right technician
  • Greater ability to increase consistent and controlled processes
  • Advantageous five to 20 percent cost reduction in service delivery
  • Beneficial travel cost reductions up to five to 15 percent
  • Fewer errors associated with manual scheduling
  • Superior scheduling in the provision of more jobs with fewer technicians

Unparallelled Savings from Smarter Scheduling

Alliance Automated Dispatch & Scheduling provides field service organizations a competitive edge with unparalleled savings in time and money. The opportunities for continued improvements in scheduling and managing your workforce are plentiful as are opportunities for a bolstered ROI.

If you’re ready to test drive the next generation of real-time service dispatch software to strengthen customer satisfaction, loyalty, revenue, and productivity, click here to get started. One of our Astea experts is looking forward to starting a conversation with you today.

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