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To maintain our leadership position in service lifecycle management, Astea leverages the expertise, technology, and resources of a carefully selected set of partners. These partners represent “the best of the best” in meeting the critical functional and operational needs of our customers. Our partnerships strengthen our ability to deliver field service automation solutions that are both the broadest and deepest in the industry today.

Astea International Partners & Integrations

Solution Partners offer complementary hardware, software, or services that extend existing Astea capabilities and enhance end-to-end solution functionality.

Consulting Partners combine business and application expertise with specialized integration and implementation services to deliver operational field service automation systems to clients.

Platform Partners contribute optimized operating system, middleware, network, or other technology components to Astea’s solution platform.

Application Partners incorporate Astea technology into their own value-add solutions, often privately branded, for delivery to buyers in adjacent, related, or uncovered markets.

xoi_logo-primaryFeatured Partner: XOi Technologies

Field Service Management (FSM) technology coupled with a visual intelligence platform empowers you to share critical data in real-time with both field technicians and customers, so that customers get the transparency they want and each tech can now be equally as qualified as your best technicians.

See how our field service management platform integrates with XOi Technologies’ visual intelligence solution to make every field technician as knowledgeable as your best technician. To watch how the integration works in under 2 minutes, check out the video below.

VIDEO: Integrated Field Service Management and Visual Intelligence


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